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Corporate identity is generally perceived as an artwork of logo design, whereas a corporate identity is the "PERSONA" of a Corporation which is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives. It is usually visibly manifested by way of branding and the use of trademarks.

The Purple Symbol design signifies (Derived from Letter P)
  • Our respect for the Tradition and Heritage of the Prasanna Group
  • Window to the world
  • Open to the modern thought.

The Purple symbol ('P' mnemonic) is a prominent visual element of the Purple signature. Communication The Purple symbol, communicates to our stakeholders, our traditional values and modern outlook. It represents what we at Purple stand for, that is quality service and putting 'P'eople first, whether they are our customers, or, our employees.

The font used for the Purple Logotype was specially created. It amplifies the bold and steadfast manner in which we approach our projects and endeavours. However, curved edges in each letter, from a design perspective, align it with the Purple Symbol, also highlights the softer side of our company. The side that knows its responsibilities to its people, be it our employees or customers, our environment and economy.

The word and the colour Purple were chosen as the Brand Name and the Brand Colours, as it is one of those rare colours that does not carry any negative emotions with it. Purple general term used for the range of shades of colour occurring between red and blue, thereby effectively signifying the entire gamut of operations we cover here at Prasanna Purple, right from city buses to packaged holidays. Also, when most think Purple, the images of royalty make an appearance, the emotion of being a Cut Above the rest comes to the fore, which is exactly the experience we would like our customers to have, whether they use our city buses, or, choose to holiday with us.

Colour Reproduction of the Purple Corporate Signature
Preferred colour version: Wherever possible the Purple Corporate Signature should be reproduced in the Purple Shades of the Purple Signature and the grey of the marketing strapline, on a white/light background. The background should ensure optimum clarity of all elements of the Purple Corporate Signature.
Alternative colour versions: In circumstances where the background is the same shade of the Purple logotype/a dark colour, the use of the Purple Signature with a white outline and the strapline in white is permitted. NOTE: This format of the Purple Corporate Signature is to be compulsorily used for all our branch back lit signages.

Monochrome versions: In circumstances where the background is the same shade of the Purple logotype, the Purple Corporate Signature in complete white can also be used. However, on non corporate colour backgrounds, especially dark backgrounds, this format of the Purple Corporate Signature is to be used.
Greyscale version: The greyscale logo in which the Purple Symbol and the strapline are in a shades of grey and the Purple Logotype is in black, is to be used in greyscale printing processes.
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